An Introvert's Guide to Wedding Day!

While it may seem like every bride and groom’s dream day involves endless attention poured on them, for some, all eyes on you seems a bit intense. We get it! Sometimes even the most powerful public speaker in the boardroom can feel totally out of their element in a new situation, and lets face it getting married is not an everyday occurrence for anyone!

Luckily, if you know yourself (and your partner), you can mitigate the pressure that the wedding day can bring by taking those feelings into consideration during the planning process.

Here are a few tips to feel relief from spotlight:

1) Don’t Do a First Look.

I know, as a wedding planner, I should be more focused on how a first look can drastically improve a timeline, but in all honesty they can do a huge disservice to the emotions of a wedding. First, by creating the moment where the the couple first sees each other walking down the aisle, the attention is divided. Eyes will of course be on the person walking down the aisle, but most will wonder up to steal a glance at the person awaiting their beloved at the end of the aisle. Once the ceremony is over, doing formal portraits while your guests are at a cocktail hour gives you a few moments to bask in the newlywed status with the one person who doesn’t make you feel social pressure. This moment can you a break from the action and the feeling of being on display.

2) Sit at a Table Among Your Guest

While often times it is “traditional'“ for a couple to sit at a sweetheart table or at a long head table during their reception, opting to sit at a table that is not on display can definitely make dinner more comfortable. Of course, people will still be looking to you and coming to you, you will at least not feel that all eyes are watching you eat every bite of your meal.

3) Have Your Wedding Party Join You On the Dance Floor Part Way Through Your First Dance

Songs are really fast, until you feel like everyone is watching you. Having your wedding party join you or better yet all the couples can both involve your guests, but also take the spotlight to a wider audience.

Of course, all of these are options to be considered for each couple. You can choose to do all or some of these options. The important thing is to take your needs and feelings into consideration so that you can have the best day ever!

Meghan MoloneyComment