About Me

In 2010, I had hardly thought of weddings beyond the way all small girls had thought about the way they would one day be a bride.  I had no plans of my own dream wedding and I certainly had no inclination that weddings would play any sort of role in my career. However, it was in that year, as I showed up with my carefully planned schedule, my advisor suggested me to his friend for a position innterning under his previous student, Allie a wedding coordinator.

It seemed so odd at the time, I saw no inclination of weddings in myself. By the spring of 2011, I had doven head first into schedules, spacing and colors.  By the second week of June, Allie, who was about 7 months pregnant started feeling intense pain during a Saturday afternoon wedding. 

I have very few recollection of that wedding itself, beyond smiling as I counted the wedding party down the aisle and then running as soon as I was out of view to the back office to check on Allie.  The next week she was told by her doctors that she could not work for the remainder of her pregnancy and I was all that remained to organize the weddings. 

Taking over Allie's tasks as Wedding Coordinator was simultaneously one of the scariest, exciting, and defining moments of my life.  It changed me from a care free college student whose biggest worry was exam week to a full time wedding coordinator who planned exactly which classes and assignments I could skip in order to support both my full time job as a wedding coordinator and my studies with a full schedule worth of classes. 

I became known as the girl who fell asleep on my friends couches and also the wedding expert amongst my friends. 

When I graduated, I decided to stay true to myself and go backpacking (after training another coordinator and sending a few more brides down the aisle of course).  I traveled the Europe before landing in Australia where I worked at a boathouse based off the one in New York City as a wedding coordinator. 

When I returned home, I decided to gain some experience with my other degree and found work in Marketing. There I have learned even more about color and predicting trends, but still my friends would come to me for wedding advice.  Sometimes it feels as though I never truly left the wedding game.