Trend Alert: Micro Weddings!

With the possibility of another government shutdown, looming over our beautiful city, it isn’t hard to guess who the new kid on the block is that is taking the wedding world by storm! Lighter, fitter, and more economically efficient than it’s siblings, the micro wedding is gaining a lot of traction!

And why wouldn’t it? After all, our generation has seen our parents go through economic downturns. We have now seen them tighten their purse strings, loose their homes, and extend the time before they get to retire. It can be so hard for us to justify now dropping fifty thousand dollars on feeding all of our friends at a lavish event.

At the same time, we know quality, and we know that we don’t want to pass up on the most lavish day of our lives. We don’t want to be married by Elvis in a drive through or letting our wedding day be just another day at the courthouse. Which is why our generation, is re-imagining elopements into a micro wedding!

So what exactly is a “micro wedding”? and how is it different?

I would be lying if I were to say we were the first generation to ever come up with what is now becoming known as a micro-wedding, but we are the first to segment it off into it’s own brand of wedding. A micro wedding offers all the beauty and Instagram-able moments of a traditional wedding. However, a micro wedding drastically decreases the guest count (we are talking none to twenty guests tops).

A micro wedding is the opportunity for a couple to bring the focus of their wedding back to solely their love, while skipping the stress of a guest list and financial burden.

In the past, pop up weddings and little love chapels serviced couples looking for a more intimate affair. However, they falsely assumed, that in order to appeal to a couple’s budget conscious size, they needed to cut quality in the name of lower prices. The truth is the largest portion of your traditional wedding budget will in fact go to the guests in the form of a large space to accommodate your guests, the food your feed them, the open bar you provide them with, and the gifts you send them home with. By cutting the guests, couples open up a lot of possibilities within their budgets.

So what exactly are the benefits?

1) More focus on you as a couple!

While you as the couple getting married, are always the primary focus of all of your wedding professionals, we can’t ignore your guests! They do take up our attention, and when they aren’t there (or are there in smaller numbers), we have more energy to focus specifically on you!

2) The world is literally your oyster to bend to your will!

Want to hike up a mountain and have your ceremony on a cliff over looking a mountain? Or walk down a rose lined path to get married nestled in an alcove of a secret garden? Or fly to Paris for a romantic dinner under the Eiffel tower? Any of this could be yours and probably well within the budget of your 150 person wedding.

3) Less pressure on family “traditions”

While you can still incorporate all the traditions you would like, you have a lot more flexibility to customize the ceremony to fit what you truly want without being concerned about what your great aunt might think.

4) Focused time with your guests or those who would be your guests.

The honest truth is, you really don’t have a ton of time to speak with your guests at your wedding. Just because your guests, weren’t present at your micro wedding, does not mean that they won’t want to celebrate your nuptials with you! Micro weddings actually provide you with the opportunity to get together with the friends and family you would have invited to your wedding one at a time. This gives your guests more direct attention and you the ability to actually enjoy their company.

So what are the downsides?

1) Your family may not “get it” at first.

This is new to them, and it may take some extra explaining to help them see the benefits of your micro wedding. Keep in mind that there are always going to people who are insulted they weren’t invited to your wedding, but when you have a private wedding with just the two of you, most people will understand.

2) No big group shots with you in your wedding attire.

Sure, you can put your wedding outfit on again for family portraits if you so choose, however, there won’t be the 300 person aerial shot of everyone you know.

At the end of the day, your wedding should be exactly what you want! Whether you think micro weddings are totally for you or not for you, let’s start the conversation about what you do want for your wedding! We are here to make it happen!

Meghan MoloneyComment