How to Plan for Children at Your Wedding

Weddings are an extremely adult affair, between the fine china, alcohol, and quiet intimate moments, many couples can get nervous at the thought of little ones at their wedding. However, with a little bit of proper planning, even your tiniest of wedding guests can have a grand time at your wedding with no added stress to you or their parents. Here are our top tips for planning for children at a wedding:

1) Hire one babysitter for every 2 children at the wedding.

While you may think that with all the loving aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc at the wedding, the child will be well attended, it is important to keep in mind that the adult’s focus will be on you not their smaller relatives. Hiring a babysitter who can maintain careful consistent watch over the children can ensure that no child disappears or gets into something they should not. Having a babysitter makes it an easy decision of who takes the child out of the situation should they get fussy so that their parents can enjoy your ceremony and reception.

2) Create a space for the children at your reception!

It is easy for a child to feel out of place and start looking for distractions when they are at an elegant dinner. Creating a safe space with tables and chairs that are their height, can make the child themselves feel more comfortable at your wedding. The area should be clearly defined so that the child knows what space is theirs, but also have good viewing access to all the fun activities. A child won’t want to hangout in the next room when the prince and princess (as children often refer to the couple) are in the next room having a ball without them.

3) Have wedding related activities ready in their space.

Children want to be a part of the magic! Plan a few activities that can make them feel a part of it all and make sure your hired babysitters are ready to work with them on the projects. One of my personal favorites is creating flower crowns, necklaces, and other jewelry out of the left over flowers from your wedding. The children can opt to wear these pieces themselves or share them with other guests at the wedding.

4) Incentivize small rolls for children with a child friendly gift.

As we said before, children really want to be a part of the magic! Giving a child a small role makes them feel important to your wedding and involved. However, these small helpers are easily distracted if there is no prize for them to keep their eye on. Let them know that you have some thing they want as a thank you for helping you with your day before the task, whether it be a special stuffed animal or whatever the latest fad toy is.

5) Offer child friendly menu options.

The number one way to upset any guest is to not have any food they like, your littlest guests are no exception. Talk with their parents about their eating habits and work with your caterer to craft a meal you know they will eat. They will learn to enjoy your high end dinner at some point in their lives, but your wedding day is about celebration, not teaching children how to enjoy a new dish!

Meghan MoloneyComment