Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

When you first become engaged, it can be really hard to know where exactly to begin. The first question anyone is going to ask you once the congratulations are over is when are you getting married? However, when your fiance has just popped the question or has just said yes to you popping the question, the actual wedding seems miles away from your cloud nine!

Suddenly, you now need to know where to begin to plan a wedding! The help of a planner is exactly what you need in that moment, but how do you know if you are even going to need a planner?? This is going to be something only you can answer, but we can help you with your help of answering a few quick questions.

The first question is: Do you have someone who you know will completely align with your vision, understands the wedding world, and is willing to make sure your vision comes to life on the day of the wedding?

This means that this person may need to give up participating in parts of the wedding such as watching you walk down the aisle in order to make sure you get counted down the aisle. This person will miss out on getting ready with you because they will be double checking to make sure everything is set up correctly. This person can be a friend or family member. Often it is an aunt or even a designated member of your church/synagogue. However, if you do not have a person that is popping into your head, you will most likely need someone who can provide event management for you. Event management can also be known as a day of coordinator or month of coordinator. An event manager will meet with you between two weeks to a month before your event to go over details regarding your wedding. Generally, the event manager will check in with your already booked vendors to confirm the schedule for your wedding day, they will create a timeline, and make sure everything is executed to perfection on your big day.

Do you have time to plan your wedding?

Answer honestly, and think carefully on your schedule. When I got married, I took a week off of work and did an entire week (we are talking 40 hours here!) walking through venues to find the perfect spot! A full service wedding planner will be doing this walking for you! In fact, she probably already has walked a lot of the venues in your area and can narrow it down to a few selections so that you will only have to spend one day going to venues. The same can be said for every vendor along the way. Hours spent stalking photographers to find their standard work is now time your planner is spending not you. On average 250 hours are spent planning a singular wedding. Are you ready for that time commitment?

Do you know what you have the creativity to put together a wedding?

This is another point to be honest with yourself. A wedding is a very large creative project and some people find it very easy to find chairs with cushions that match the invitations, and others find the very idea stressful. If you find the idea stressful, you definitely want a wedding planner who can help you with design!

Have you just hit a wall in your planning where you don’t know how to go any further?

Maybe you walked your venue, you bought your dream dress, you ordered your invitations, but this DJ thing, you just don’t know what you are looking for. If you get stuck part way through the planning process, you are a perfect candidate for partial planning!