The Power of a Partnership

Here at DC Engaged, we know that no matter how different you may be from every other client we have sent down the aisle, there is one thing we know that you value!  Without a shadow of a doubt every single person we serves values the power of a partnership! 

 Partnership is more than a tax benefit, it is someone to collaborate with, bounce ideas off of, and build a dream.  Partnerships are an inate support structure that enablesyou to see the gaps in skills and help to fill them.  It is an opportunity to build ideas off of and to support each other's natural talents.  It is a person, who you know will be with you through thick and then. 

Because we know partnership is so important to you, we have made sure it is part of the very DNA of our company.  When you book with us, you don't just get one planner, you get two.  While one planner is there to take the lead and be your primary point of contact, your planner also has a backup with her every step of the way.  This ensures that you don't need to worry if your planner is going to get hit by a bus the morning of your wedding, because you have a second planner, who knows you and your wedding inside and out, ready to step in and take over.