Top Ten Tips for the Newly Engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement! We know how excited you are to start wedding planning, but sometimes finding where to start can be the hardest part! So we have pulled together our top ten tips for the newly engaged!

10) After you get engaged, take a month off! Don’t force yourself to book everything today! Take a minute and enjoy your engagement! You have entered one of the most magical times in your relationship and trust us you aren’t going to want to miss this feeling!

9) Figure out what is really important to you and your fiance! Nothing about your wedding matters more than what you and your fiance want. So talk about it and get your priorities in line together. This is the time for research, soul searching, and dreaming of the new life you are going to lead with your partner! Take the time to get to know the wedding experts in your area and don’t force yourself to decide on what your wedding will be until you are ready!

8) Set a budget that you are both comfortable with. Money can put a huge strain on the relationship. Don't let one day cause years of financial stress. Occasionally we do hear people say that they want to make decisions as they go along instead of breaking down their budget early. The problem with that is, couples then tend to weight things that may not necessarily matter to them as much such as the venue and then run out of money when they get to those things that actually mattered the most to them. If you are unsure of pricing in your area, consult with a wedding planner. We know how our market breaks down and can help you to make sense of the pricing of your vision.

7) Plan for a longer engagement then you think you want! Time moves so quickly when you are engaged! We know you are dying to be legally one, but give yourself time so that you aren’t stressed! If you don’t have a choice due to outside issue (i.e. one person is in the military and is being moved, the wedding needs to happen to obtain a visa, or you want to ensure you are married in time that a particular relative can make it to your wedding) recruit the help you need early to ensure you can execute the wedding of your dreams on a shortened time line without stressing yourself out!

6) If you are planning on losing weight do it before going dress shopping which you want to aim for nine months before your wedding. It is tragic, to find your perfect dress can not be altered to fit you once you have achieved your goal! Miracles can be performed in order to get a new dress that fits in time, but those miracles are expensive (not even including the dress that was bought that is no longer able to be worn) and limited in option. Do yourself a favor and once you go dress shopping maintain your weight in a healthy way!

5) Never let the details of the wedding become more important than the person you are marrying. Wedding planning is stressful and involves a lot of difficult conversations that bring up a lot of emotions. Always remind yourself of the reasons you fell in love with this person.

4) Families have a lot of opinions. Develop a lot of nice ways to say no. Such as "yeah we have a few ideas and we're not sure what direction we're going in" or "we haven't gotten there yet, there are just so many things to consider".

3) Don’t be afraid to communicate your opinion. If you feel that something isn’t the way you want it or feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to speak up! So many people are afraid of being considered a bridezilla, but this is the most important day in your life so far! You are allowed to have an opinion. In fact, it is easier for me as a wedding planner to know your opinion so that I can go to bat for you and get you exactly what you want. Even if that opinion is “I don’t want to talk about wedding planning anymore”. You need to plan a wedding that will be what you and your fiance dreamed, not anyone else’s dream.

2) Consider bringing a wedding planner on board early! A wedding planner has the biggest ability to help you if brought on from the very beginning! When it comes to reviewing contracts, finding the perfect vendors within your budget, and pulling together an ambiance that is exactly what you want for your guests, the earlier we meet, the better we can get to know you, and the more advice we can share! We are there to support you and to make your vision come to life! We are bending the universe to your will and our greatest power is knowing you and your wedding on a deeply intimate level from as soon to the moment you start dreaming it as possible. While the venue coordinator is concerned with protecting the venue, the DJ is concerned about the music, the florist is concerned with the flowers, we are concerned with you and your guests and making sure everyone provides you with exceptional service.

1) Have fun wedding planning! There are so many opportunities for you to smile and laugh with your favorite person in the world! So try a bajillion pieces of cake, play dress up in the bridal shop or tux shop, and enjoy every second!