Washington DC Winter Wedding Planning Tips

If you are dreaming of a white wedding, Mother Nature has the perfect season for you! Winter can create a stunning backdrop for your big day. Those who’ve had winter weddings can tell you just how wonderful they can be.  

Here are some of the benefits of a winter wedding:

  • Grooms could consider thicker suit jackets and vests (trust us, suit wearers will greatly appreciate a winter wedding). Your guests could enjoy a fire-pit nearby with marshmallows, hot chocolate and warm cozy blankets for additional warmth.

  • Winter weddings aren’t as popular as spring and fall weddings which means you don’t have to share your date with many other people. Let everyone else in your circle fight over May and June. You’re having a January wedding and all the focus will be on you.

  • Winter weddings often offer savings as well.  Venues offer a discounted price for winter weddings simply because it’s not a popular time of the year. Other vendors do the same. Look around, you’ll find someone who’s offering a discounted rate. What an easy way to save on almost every aspect of your wedding.

However, Mother Nature can also be the most unpredictable participant in your wedding!  We have a few tips on how to plan to work with Mother Nature to produce a gorgeous DC wedding instead of working against her!

  • The ceremony and reception will have to be inside. Consider picking one venue for both, doing this prevents you and your guests from driving more than necessary in potentially unsafe conditions.  

  • Choose a venue with beautiful rooms with windows that let in the natural light, fireplaces for warmth and scenic views for photographs.  Washington DC offers a wide variety of venues with gorgeous backdrops of no matter the weather.

  • Plan on spending the night before the wedding as close to your venue as possible! The wedding just can’t go on without you, so ensuring that nothing is standing in your way will help!

  • Discuss a weather plan with your vendors as you book them and know at what point you will truly call off the wedding!  Some vendors, such as myself, are trained in how to drive in the snow and make it to you no matter the weather, others may have a different policy they adhere to.  If your vendor looks like they may not make it, can you go on with the wedding without them? Or is it better to go with a new date?

  • When driving to your venue, be sure to keep shovels, brooms, ice scrapers and salt in your trunk for those trouble spots on the road.

  • Purchasing insurance will give you and your fiancé peace of mind.

  • Choose attire with heavier fabric, sleeves and a faux fur.  If you plan on taking photos outside, pop on some wool lined leggings and boots under your dress!  Unless, you have a super form fitting dress, you won’t be able to tell the difference in photos.

  • Have your wedding planner, a bridesmaid, or friend nearby with your coat when taking those gorgeous snowy shots! You will also want to have a warm place nearby (even if it is just a warmed up car) to take regular breaks to stay warm. Communicate with your photographer when you are getting chilly and need to pop in a warm space.

While it’s never guaranteed to snow in the nation’s capital, if you are planning a January or February wedding it is very possible. Cold crips days lead into early sunsets and moody skies. All of these are aesthetically pleasing. If it does snow though, it will be the perfect setting for your winter nuptials.

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