How to Create Your Wedding Vision

Congratulations! You had your dream proposal and now you are engaged!  Take a minute to breathe and just enjoy the fact that you just found out that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life.  It is a moment you don't want to pass up.

The next morning you will wake up in complete bliss after a joyful night sleep, but as you start to tell your friends and family they will excitedly ask you questions you may not have been ready to know so soon "when are you getting married?", "where are you getting married?", "what kind of a wedding do you want to have?". So as you wake upand lie in blissful serenity, take a moment and envision your big day.   

Look around where are you? Are you in a cathedral with grand architecture, atop a mountain overlooking a valley and rolling peaks, in a vineyard surrounded by rustic elegance? You can literally be where ever you want to be.  Write down what you see in your visions.

What colors are most prominant? Are you in a crisp world of white? Or a soft world of pastel? Or are you perhaps in a tropical paradise with bold bright colors? 

What are you wearing? More than a dress or a suit, what is the fabric like? How does it feel? Is it flowy or structured?  

You look down the aisle and lock eyes with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with what are they wearing? Whit kind of music is playing? 

You stand at the aisle the officiant is reading.  What kinds of words is the officiant saying? What words are you hoping they avoid? Who is standing with you? What are the wearing?

It is time to party and celebrate.  What are your guests doing? What are they enjoying most? What are they eating? What are they drinking? What are they dancing too? 

You go home and live the rest of your life.  What do you want to remember? What do you want to look back on? What symbols of your wedding to use to decorate your home? 

It is important that you write down the answers to these questions now and discuss them gently with your betrothed.  The world is your oyster and you can have whatever you want, but decisions, as small as they may seem in the beginning change how your DC wedding looks the day of.  Having a vision keeps you focused on your end result.

You are now able to hire your dc wedding planner and communicate what your dream is so they can create it for you. 

Use our vision guide to help document yours.