Full Wedding Planning and Design

Our Full Wedding Planning and Design Package ensures the smooth booking, exquisite design, and synchronized execution of your wedding day. Letting your enjoy your engagement, while we handle the logistics! This package gets the best Washington DC Wedding Planners on your team to support you every step of the way!

Step 1:

Get in Contact With Us

The first step in booking your wedding coordination package is to reach out to us via our contact page! Feel free to ask us any questions or mention any concerns you have for your wedding.

We will get back to you within 24 hours to talk through your wedding planning needs, pricing, and generally get to know you! This initial consultation is completely free in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page from day one. If we both feel DC Engaged is a good fit to plan your wedding, we will send over a contract.

$2,000 will be required as a down payment for work to begin with 50% of your remaining balance paid once the planning and design portion is completed, and the balance fully paid a month before the wedding.

Once payment has been received, we will begin to pull together a carefully curated mood board in order to ensure we always remain on the same page. This mood board will be regularly updated to maintain a relevant reference point for all your vendors.

Step 2:

Finding the Perfect Venue

We will present you with venue options that suit your particular personal aesthetic, fit your budget, and accommodate your guest list.

Initially, we will present you with three primary options with the hope that the first one we visit is exactly what you are looking for! While we show you around the venue, we will discuss design options unique to that venue, such as room layout, and discuss budgeting for that venue in the bigger picture based upon what is included in the venue package.

Once a venue is selected, a date will be decided upon and we will begin to work on your wedding details.

Step 3:

Detail Planning

Once a date is selected, we will pull together a list of available vendors within your budget who fit the feel you want to achieve within your wedding.

With reasonable notice, we will attend all other vendors which will be brought in for your event. Upon request, we can also meet with such vendors for you.

Such vendors include but :

  • Baker

  • Caterer

  • DJ/Band/Entertainment

  • Stationer

  • Calligrapher

  • Decor Rentals

  • Photographer

  • Cinematographer

  • Florist

  • Celebrant

  • Hair and Make-up Artists

Step 4:

Pre-Wedding Management

Once the details are in place we will help you develop a wedding website, collect R.S.V.P’s, and work with you to create a seating chart.

We will ensure all coordination is made between vendors for the smooth execution of all pre-wedding portions of the process such as your invitations and place cards are properly sent to the calligrapher.

Step 5:


We will meet before your wedding to rehearse with your wedding party and to distribute the timeline to key players for your event. This will provide your wedding party the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

At this point, we will also collect any items from you, that we need to deliver to the wedding.

Step 6:

Your Wedding Day

This will be a day where you can sit back and relax as we pamper and execute the seamless world around you!

Behind the scenes, however, we will be arriving to your venue before all other vendors (excluding of course venue personal themselves) to ensure that your ceremony, reception, and getting ready sites are all set up to your specifications. We will also greet all of your vendors and direct them on how to set up these areas. We will be regularly checking in with you, your wedding party, and your vendors to ensure everyone’s needs are taken care of and that no issues have arisen.

As guests begin to arrive, we will ensure they are being properly greeted and directed to any pre-ceremony activities you have for them, such as a welcome drink, collection of programs, and shown generally where to mingle.

When it is time for the ceremony, we will direct all guests to their seats and count your wedding party down the aisle. Once the ceremony has ended, we will continue to direct guests to the next portions of your wedding and maintain constant communication with all your wedding vendors to ensure all vendors are synchronized in the execution of each piece of your wedding.

After the wedding is over, we will break down your wedding decor, pack your personal belongings into a designated spot (such as your hotel room or car), and ensure all rental pieces are returned to their proper place.