I have another vendor who says they provide coordination, do I still need you?


It is fairly common in the wedding industry for other wedding professionals to say they provide wedding coordination services.  Unfortunately, this often means that they will handle one piece of the coordination puzzle in addition to the service you are booking them for and call it coordination.  Unfortunately, most makeup artists, DJs, photographers, caterers and even venue coordinators either do not see what is going on behind the scenes while they are taking care of the area of the business they are known for and assume there is nothing being done.  Therefore, they do not feel the need to bring in another person to handle the coordination and simply perform an extra task or two and sell it to you as wedding coordination.

Here are the things which a coordinator needs to be doing for your wedding:

  • Reaching out to all vendors to confirm arrival time, payments have been received, and all details of the wedding are understood

  • Creating a thorough and detailed timeline shared among the key players and vendors who are working your wedding

  • Collecting insurance information from each vendor and passing it to those who need record of the insurance information

  • Setting up the ceremony, reception, and even the getting ready spaces for you and directing vendors to where they need to be in order to set up their portion of the wedding

  • Regularly checking in on key members of the wedding party and their guests to make sure all needs are covered

  • Regularly checking in on vendors to make sure they have everything they need to smoothly perform their tasks for the wedding

  • Counting your wedding party down the aisle for the ceremony

  • Checking in on vendors throughout the event to ensure that all pieces are execute in a synchronized fashion

  • Troubleshooting any issues that arise through out the event in a calm and orderly fashion so that the wedding party and guests do not notice that there was ever an issue

  • Breaking down and cleaning up after the event

  • Packing your personal items in your designated spot to ensure all items are returned to you

  • Ensuring all rentals are returned to their owners

If your coordinator does not do all of these things, they are setting you up for a wedding day disaster.