What is the Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Day of Wedding Coordinator?


A venue coordinator is in charge of overseeing the venue and the staff provided by the venue. Their number one concern is to makes sure everything is running smoothly as far as the venue itself is concerned. This means if there is a heating/cooling issue, a blown fuse, or other power issue. The venue coordinator is on the job to get it back in working order.

A day of wedding coordinator, on the other hand, is focused on you and your wedding as their number one priority. They are in charge of knowing which vendor is providing which service, ensuring everything is set up to your specifications, and synchronized in perfect unison. A wedding coordinator works only for you to make every aspect run smoothly, greet all your vendors, send out a timeline prior, make sure you and your guests are having a great time celebrating and to ensure that your vision has become a reality.